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Mt. Ama Dablam with Island Peak Expedition:
mountain expeditionAma Dablam. Normal route to climb Ama Dablam is South- West ridge. It is Golden Mountain for new mountaineers who starting climb to high Himalayas in Nepal. Ama Dablam 6812m. A small snowcapped peak of 6812m lying in the Everest region.
Duration: 32 & 35 Days

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Mt. Cho Oyu 8201m. the 6th Highest Peak in the World:
mountain expeditionAustrian first climbs Cho Oyu in 1954. The Indian and German team also climbed this peak in 1958 and 1964 respectively. Till to date many expedition teams have successfully reached on its summit. The year 2004 was regarded as the Golden jubilee of this Cho Oyu...
Duration: 45 Days

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Mt. Dhaulagiri Expedition 8167m:
mountain expeditionDhaulagiri (8167m.) was first climbed by the Swiss in 1960.  Its name is derived from Sanskrit "dhavala means" means "White" and girl is "Mountain" The Mountain was sighted by British surveyors in India in the early 1800s and was mapped by one of the secret Indian surveyors,
Duration: 45 Days

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Mt. Everest 8848m. the first highest peak in the world:
mountain expeditionThe Mount Everest is the highest peak of the World 29028ft. (8848m.) through which the climbing toppers feel them selves as the most proud and adventurous personal the World. Sir Edmond Hillary and Late Tenzing Norge Sherpa first climbed this peak in May 29, 1953 ,
Duration: 70 Days

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Mt. Makalu 8463m.Expedition:
mountain expeditionMakalu (8463m.) was first climbed by a French party in 1955. The peak was first mapped and photographed from the Tibetan side by the 1921 British Everest reconnaissance. Hillary and Shipton photographed Makalu during a side trip on the 1951 Everest ...
Duration: 50 Days

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Mt. Manaslu 8163m.Expedition:
mountain expeditionManaslu (8156m) was first climbed in 1956 by a Japanese expedition. Its name comes from the Sanskrit word manasa, meaning "intellect" or " soul" It is the same root word as that for Manasarover, the holy lake near Mt. Kailash in Tibet.
Duration: 55 Days

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Mt. Annapurna 8091m.Expedition:
mountain expeditionMount Annapurna is an enormous Himalayan massif, the tenth highest mountain in the world. In 1950, it became the first 8,000 meter mountain to be successfully climbed. It is located east of a great gorge cut through the Himalaya by the Kali Gandaki river.
Duration: 56 Days

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Mt. Annapurna IV Expedition:
mountain expeditionAnnapurna is a Sanskrit word which when broken down, would mean, "Sustenance" and "filled with". So the name would translate into "The Goddess rich in Sustenance" or simply "The Provider". It was first climbed by M. Herzog & L. Lachenal in 1950.
Duration: 38 Days

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Mt. Baruntse Expedition:
mountain expeditionNepal - An ascent on Baruntse (23,390ft / 7,129m) is an adventure for climbers wishing to summit a true Nepali peak. This remote expedition into the heart of the Khumbu culminates in a relatively short climb to the summit of this majestic 7,000er.
Duration: 41 Days

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Mt. Kanchanjunga 8586m. Expedition:
mountain expeditionKanchanjunga, at 8598m, is the third-highest peak in the world and the second-highest in Nepal. It was first climbed by a British team in 1956. The peak consists of four summits. The west summit, Yalung Kang, is 8420m high and some people classify it as a separate 8000m. P.
Duration: 50 Days

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Mt. Lakpa Ri 7045m. Tibet and Climb:
mountain expeditionFlying into Lhasa from Kathmandu there are amazing views of the Himalayan giants of Everest, Makalu, Cho Oyu and Kanchanjunga, four of the highest peaks in the world. We will spend a few days adjusting to the high altitude and taking in the sights of Lhasa – the Potala...
Duration: 29 Days

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Mt. Lhotse 8516m. Expedition:
mountain expeditionLhotse (8516) was climbed by a Swiss expedition in 1956. Its lower peak, Lhotse Shar, 8383m, sometimes considered a separate 8000m peak, Lhotse, which means "South peak" is part of the Everest massif, just to the south of Everest.
Duration: 45 Days

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Mt. Pumori Ascend:
mountain expeditionThe ascent starts at 5,300m. In a beautiful base camp aside a small lake (water source, take water filters or barrels -were you can pack your equipment- and to clarification the water -let sand to drop all night-). From base camp you have the most wonderful sight of ....
Duration: 35 Days

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Mt. Shishapangma 8012m. 14th highest peak in the world:
mountain expeditionShishapangma is one of the very lovely mountain of China, which lies in the autonomous region called the Tibet of China, only a very few people in the world had idea about the Shishapangma before the Chinese opened Tibet to the western summiteers in 1978.
Duration: 42 Days

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